StudioPress Genesis Connect Plugin For BuddyPress

StudioPress announce the GenesisConnect plugin for BuddyPress is now available. Download Genesis Connect Plugin For you to build buddypress on wordpress, Easily add BuddyPress to Your Website, build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of the StudioPress Genesis Framework and WordPress.

A StudioPress Genesis Connect Plugin story:

Studiopress design integrated buddypress theme or plugin is not the first, If you know there have released the GenesisBuddy, which integrated Genesis and BuddyPress. But the GenesisBuddy took the form of a child theme that had to be integrated with Genesis child themes in order to work.

So now, they rebuilding the GenesisBuddy add-On and the StudioPress Genesis Connect plugin is out and be supported at StudioPress.

Now any one who purchased the GenesisBuddy Add-On, we get the gulide of how to support the new StudioPress GenesisConnect plugin on the StudioPress support forum.)

So if you are ready to integrate BuddyPress with Studiopress child themes you can now do it simply using the Genesis Connect plugin. Buy download Studiopress GenesisConnect plugin now!

Activate the free BuddyPress plugin along with StudioPress GenesisConnect and instantly your website becomes a social network!

Currently the StudioPress Genesis Connect for BuddyPress Integration Will Work With the Following StudioPress Child Themes:

Agency Theme, AgentPress Theme, Amped Theme
Bee Crafty Theme, Church Theme, Corporate Theme
Delicious Theme ,Education Theme, Enterprise Theme
Executive Theme , Family Tree Theme, Freelance Theme
Going Green Theme ,Landscape Theme ,Lexicon Theme
Lifestyle Theme ,Magazine Theme ,Metric Theme
Mocha Theme ,News Theme, leek Theme ,Streamline Theme
Outreach Theme ,Pixel Happy Theme
Platinum Theme , Prose Theme,Serenity Theme

GenesisConnect plugin Price: $49.95

Download studiopress Genesis Connect Plugin now