Themify Edmin WordPress Theme

Most pro blogger would like to use simple and clean personal wordpress theme, but me not! I not a pro blogger so i have not like simple personal wordpress theme. The edmin WordPress Theme from, A very clean and simple theme with many skines.

The Themify Edmin Theme was built to have an elegant, out of the box, design with a strong core layout structure. This edmin theme includes a number of different layout options which help you customize this theme to your needs. With features like our home page slider, page and post custom fields, and our standard Themify Framework built-in for maximum customization and creation Edmin WordPress Theme is definitely one to pick up.

Themify Edmin WordPress Theme

Edmin WordPress Theme

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Mor Features of the Themify Edmin Theme have:

  • Configurable feature slider.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Two custom menu areas: header & footer.
  • Multiple-level dropdown menus.
  • Header widget to add social media buttons.
  • Choose up to 4 footer widget columns.
  • 7 layout options to choose from in the query page template.
  • 3 skins.
  • Dual-column sidebar.
  • Custom footer text.
  • Child theme support.

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