PliablePress Creative Soul Minimal WordPress Theme

Creative Soul Minimal premium personal wordpress theme from PliablePress, It is a classy, elegant and Easy used theme, It taken out all of the swirls to leave you with a beautifully minimal theme, still with plenty of design flair. 

Creative Soul Minimal WordPress Theme

Creative Soul Minimal

Creative Soul Minimal Theme Features:

  • 3 different color schemes.
  • Theme control panel – Simple to Control Everything
  • Minimal look with subtle stylish effects
  •  Small details like the borders between posts and page folds in the corners.
  • Simple setup. It’s simple to do and we’ll support you every step of the way.
  • Rock solid SEO. Taking care of all your code and doing everything we can to get you to the top of Google.
  • No code knowledge required. Built an extremely easy-to-use control panel that will let you adjust dozens of things in your site just the way you want them, without ever looking near a line of code!
  • Powered by our amazing Chameleon framework!

Price: Standard $70 | Plus+ $150

DEMO | Download Creative Soul Minimal wordpress theme