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Colorlabs Project Coupon Code

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ColorLabs Project Review:

Colorlabs Project always put SEO factors and semantic HTML into consideration and nicely wrap our themes with clean-and-lean CSS, a wow-look, and stunning typography.

Colorlabs Project Themes main features:

  • Theme Administration Panel – You’ve got no idea about PHP, (X)HTML, and CSS? No need to worry about all the complicated commands and manage everything from the theme administration panel.
  • Gravatar: your global avatar – Show your true identity and keep your blog personal by getting your visitor’s globally recognized avatar (Gravatar) popped up in the comment section of your posts.
  • after-sales support and upgrade – No need to worry if you experience any problems during the installation process. Purchase packages include a free after-sales support. Contact us and we’ll get to help you.
  • Auto-thumbnail your old posts – Forget the time-consuming manual thumbnail generation, even the old-fashioned Post Custom Fields. Thumbnails across the theme will be assigned and generated automatically. Simply upload an image and add it to your post.
  • Banner & Adsense Management – Configure ad banners on your website. Simply upload, assign, and add hyperlinks. Also, you can get your Google Adsense banners displayed, hassle-free.
  • Analytics and Feedburner – Burn your feeds with Feedburner and manage your blog statistics using Google Analytics. Simply enter you Feedburner URL and Google Analytics ID in the theme administration panel.

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