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JoomlArt Magento Templates Club

JoomlArt Magento Club

JoomlArt Magento Templates Club Review and JoomlArt Coupon Code share, i think you must know the joomlaArt is pop on the Joomla Themes/Templates, But starting from Feb 2009, opened the JoomlArt Magento Templates Club have been familiar with our Joomla template club.

JoomlArt now quite confident to create real e-commerce themes for Magento platform at the highest quality. We target at applying no hack to the Magento core files, thus you can rest assure on the upgradability, security and speed when using JoomlArt Magento themes.

JoomlArt Magento Themes Club will ease constraints in creating professional and high quality templates, layouts and skins, thus offering unprecedented flexibility and control when you work around with Magento. With experience in Joomla template design, I believe that JoomlArt will provide are of the No.1 quality, 100% cross-browser compatible, light-weight and scalable.

Magento is still under development phase at the moment, however, the stable version 1.2 is already shaping up to be one of the powerful and scalable e-commerce carts out there. Magento features clean urls and SEO from the start, everything is designed in a clean and simple way while maintaining semantic code outputs. Thus, we do expect to see great expansion of this powerful platform in the time to come.

On exploring such potential e-commerce platform, you should keep an eye on JoomlArt Magento Themes Club as there will be various design solutions to opt in your Magento development.

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JoomlArt will released at lease one new template and aften will be 12, two years ago, at least 24 themes. Also they will provide full PSD source files enclosed in the template download, we also have detailed step-by-step userguides, an updated forum with from-time-to-time tutorials and sticky “how do I” questions so that you can know where to get things done with the award-winning but sophisticated Magento system.

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