Do you know the great news: One of our premium wordpress themes parters has changed the office domain to re branded as Templatic).

From the mail news:  

Because our existing domain was a generic keyword and we have some bigger plans, we’ve decided to re-brand this site. So, now on we will be known as “Templatic“. For you, as a customer this is a real good news because we will be offering great deals, freebies and will be bringing in exciting new stuff (we’ve announced about this on our launch post at new site.)

You will be able to login with the same username, password at that you used on current site. This week, we will be redesigning the member area for better usability and better look.

Please check thew new site here:   ……..


Hope you will enjoy the new site. This is, the last email from this site. All the future emails will be sent from our new site –

It looke they are have large plan will to be. And i ask  they if will design other premium themes so as Joomla theme. But the give notic:  

Joomla is out of date but we do have full intention of covering web design in general. However, right now our full attention will be on wordpress.

But, They will have put out other niche themes coming along with e-commerce that we will announce next month. Wait for theme e-commerce style wordPress themes.