Review Blog Theme – Review Blog System

Affiliate Marketing is a cut-throat business!Ye, affiliate marketing is a real good way to make money online, I like It. But 99% of the people fail! Why, they are no Patient or don’t have the right tools. But luckily you can have an advantage now. You can monetize the natural desire of people to voice their opinion on anything and everything!  Today i will talk about Review Blogs( I mean set up with the WordPress, ) I have write some tools for wordpress blog marketers, such as the  WordPress Review Plugin – MyReviewPlugin 


But today, I will tell you another Review Blog Theme – Review Blog System: Loved by search engines that drive traffic to them, they provide an incredible flexibility as a part of the Social Media revolution. In fact they help you merge the two and earn from it, assuming you have all the right pieces in place!

After all, my main goal as an affiliate marketer is Not To Sell the product, the product owner does that with his or her sales page written by a professional copywriter and tested for the best conversion, but TO PRE-Sell it by delivering answers and real customer’s feedback and opinions that future customers can relate to.

First, a summarized on this tools:

1)Review Blog Theme provides you with all you need to transform your new or existing WordPress blog into a powerful review engine.

2)Review Blog System offered as an upgrade allows you to fully install a blog, all recommended plugins and the Review Theme with 3 clicks, offering tremendous time savings and eliminating a lot of manual configuration steps. It comes with complete video training.

Introducing the Review Blog Theme:

A custom WordPress theme designed to work flawlessly with fixed SB Ratings plugin (provided free of charge as bonus download, alone with few other recommended plugins) and to help you monetize your blog through affiliate product reviews.

 Some of the features:

  • Coded for speed this theme will ensure that you can create as many Review Blogs as you like
  • Search Engine Optimized theme is designed to help you squeeze every visitor from SERP’s as possible
  • Integrated ratings System via custom CSS coding to ensure you get to benefit from extra credibility generated by your visitors
  • Custom Header Image system enables you to create custom look by uploading your own header via provided interface.
  • Custom Widget provided with theme to showcase you Most Rated Reviews, just as you see on this blog’s sidebar.
  • Clean and Professional Look to make navigation simple and increase trust level through appropriate presentation and intuitive navigation.
  • Intuitive Blog Interface helps your customer find the exact information they need and makes it EASY TO NAVIGATE. Delivering RIGHT information to your customers to generate More Sales! 
  •  Free Theme Upgrades For Life. Designed and tested to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress (2.8.* at the time of this writing). It will be revised to ensure compatibility with EACH new version of WordPress released and the security of your blog. Smooth and secure performance to ensure More Sales!

Introducing the Review Blog System:

Review Blog System is sold on exactly same page and in reality an upgrade to Review Blog Theme product. It is designed to help even less technical people or complete novices to install their own product review blog using proprietary script that enables 3 step installation. It is extremely simple on your side. You follow the simple, step-by-step video tutorial .

Need more Reasons To Try Our System???

If you decide you want to have a second look at it – we have also included the video on the Review Blog sales page, so you can make educated decision!