APSense – Business Social Network. Promote Your Business. Get Paid

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a social site that can pay you income , this site is called  APsense , you can set up your profile , invite friends and receive payment.

Apsense is a business social network where people get paid to come together to share their business. Imagine a place where you have all the tools you need to make your business grow and get paid for using it.We enable users to share their business through networking, exploring and creating quality business content. The development of new networks and constant exchange of information is happening everyday at Apsense. We are changing the way people build their businesses while making money online.

Let’s say that you are having trouble keeping up with sending emails out to a list of subscribers. You go to Apsense.com and ask for help. People who’ve been there before make suggestions (perhaps setting up an autoresponder so you can write ten emails when you have the time, and have them sent on a regular schedule). Or maybe you’re having trouble getting people to your web site, so you go and ask for advice from people who’ve been through the process.

Building a network of contacts for support is essential to any business success, including making money online. Apsense.com is one way of doing this.

The site functions a bit like MyBlogLog. You can create groups (like MyBlogLog’s communities) that others can join, and each group has a discussion board. You can ask other group members for help, and the group can take on collaborative projects if they want. Apsense.com also offers free advertisements that display on their site, so if you have a service that might help others succeed online you can get exposure for it without spamming the groups. The advertising is credit based, and I think you earn credits by participating in the site.

So far, the site’s community seems very helpful and friendly. There are some of them that just spam the groups with their own opportunities, but most seem to want to network and help in the way the site intends.

As a bonus, to try and build the community during the pre-launch phase, Apsense.com is giving away a year’s VIP membership to the first 2,500 (now 5,000) members. I’m not sure how far along they are in giving these away, but I signed up earlier today and was able to upgrade. The upgrade link says it’ll cost money, but if you click it and there are still free upgrades left you will not have to enter any payment information. I haven’t figured out yet what the VIP membership gives you over the free membership, but it’s worth upgrading if you’re one of the first to get there.

So, all told this seems like one of the better social networking sites for online businesses. I’d tried AdlandPro without too much success (the ratio of spam to advice was quite high).

If you’d like to try Apsense.com, click here to join. Don’t forget to join the Online Opportunity group there and say Hi!

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