Newest: IPhone 3.0 Will Contain Duplication Glue Function

In consumer angry shouting after run all over, iPhone system’s duplication glue function existence or not is anxious settles down finally, the Digg founder confirmed recently in a Texas’s conference to the populace, iPhone 3.0 definitely will have the duplication and the glue function (hears in video frequency apple to confuse advertisement-like to cheer?)

Must use the text which two fingers choose you to need. Then may duplicate or the glue. Rose also said that the new 3.0 edition of firmwares cannot support the daemon the movement, but it will give iPhone the speed to bring the promotion.

In addition also has the record video frequency and the MMS characteristic, makes one anticipate, estimated issues the time in the Beijing standard time on March 18, 2009.

The following is the video frequency:

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