AdToll :Run of Network Campaigns – How does the pricing work?

Do you know the campany ADTOLL. It’s a advertisement of PPC. CPM and so on!

Today he was having a conversation with a customer about our Run of Network campaigns, and in particular the pricing. During the discussion is became apparent to me that the customer had no idea that the pricing structure changes based on your campaign options.

The customer was under the assumption the pricing was the same regardless of what options he chose. As you can imagine it got me thinking… that meant that most people who looked at the RON booking screen assumed the same – NOT GOOD!

For those that don’t know what a RON is… it’s a campaign priced on a per click basis where your ad will appear on a number of sites across the AdToll network based on your campaign settings and targeting options. This is great as it allows you to quickly get a lot of exposure with the added ability of targeting.

Pricing is dependent on a few factors:

  • Ad Rating
  • Ad Format
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Vertical Targeting
  • Budget

The budget section at the lower part of the booking page shows you a pricing structure based on your settings and targeting – and like any model, the more you commit the cheaper it gets!

When investigating what a campaign is likely to cost, be sure to enter in all of the necessary information on the booking page BEFORE looking at the pricing.

Why does the pricing change?

A good question! It’s quite simple… certain types of traffic are cheaper than others. For example with geo-targeting, Tier 3 countries like India, Vietnam and Turkey will always be a lot cheaper than Tier 1 traffic from countries such as United States, Canada and Australia.

Different ad formats also attract different pricing purely based on their size! For example an 88×31 button banner is far smaller than a 160×600 towed and as such is priced cheaper.