Chinese Traditional Festival: Lantern Festival

The first lunar month on the 15th, is Chinaese traditional festivals during the Lantern Festival. The first month at the Lunar of January, the ancients called “night” and on the 15th is also the year the first full moon night, it said fifteenth day for the Lantern Festival.Also known as the small New Year,”yuanxi” or the Festival of Lights, after the Spring Festival, the first major festival.

Lantern Festival, also known as “Spring Festival.” Shangyuan, means the new year the first full moon nights. Spring Festival Origin, “the age of Miscellanies” documented that this is the same old rut Taoism stereotypes. Taoism had fifteenth day of the year known as Spring Festival, July 15 for the Ghost Festival, October 15 for the Lower Proterozoic section, collectively known as “the three.” An important faction in the Late Han Dynasty Taoist five meters Road Doo worship God for the days of government, to officials, water officials said the days of official blessing, and official pardon, water officials predicament and ternary with three officers, said Officer Shangyuan days the first month Health on the 15th, July 15th Mesoproterozoic to Officer of Health, Ha Yuen water Health Officer October 15. In this way, the first month on the 15th was known as the Lantern Festival. Southern Song Wu, who had lived in the “Dream Beam recorded” said: “New Year Festival on the 15th is Shangyuan day official blessing of Chen.” Say-day official blessing, and official pardon, but the real driving force for the Lantern Festival is a popular because it is in a new point in time, people take full advantage of this special period of time to express the aspirations of their own lives.