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During 2003, LinkAdage™was developed by founder John Lessnau with the core idea of creating an open marketplace for Text Link Advertising. The LinkAdage goal was to stop rampant Text Link Advertising price gouging by allowing webmasters to buy and sell text link ads direct.

LinkAdage™ has succeeded in this goal and we pride ourselves on connecting thousands of webmasters so they can buy and sell targeted, relevant text links that don’t cost a fortune in time and money.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Below are the five cornerstones of LinkAdage’s™ mission:

  1. Privacy: LinkAdage™ understands that keeping link partner URLs secret is of the utmost importance to the long term success of your website and LinkAdage™. We will do everything in our power to keep URLs private between you and your link advertising partner.
  2. Link Networks: LinkAdage™ will be a safe alternative to the “link networks” that can be ignored or banned by the search engines with a small tweak of a search engine algorithm. All link sales at LinkAdage™ are private webmaster-to-webmaster advertising sales. The links are real and there is no special code placed on your site that can be used to identify your link as part of a network.
  3. Link Pages: LinkAdage™ will save webmaster time that can be better spent adding and improving web site content rather than building link pages that no one looks at except the search engines.
  4. PR: LinkAdage™ will not be about buying or selling PR. It will be about Making Connections – webmaster-to-webmaster link advertising sales. PR is just one of many measurements LinkAdage™ buyers can utilize to understand the value of a link on a particular web site. LinkAdage Auctions strongly recommends that buyers take into account all of the web site metrics available to make informed buying decisions. Do not make link buying decisions based only on PR.
  5. Honesty: LinkAdage™ sellers will provide an honest evaluation and description of their web site using the LinkAdage Web Metrics system. LinkAdage™ buyers will follow through on link-buying commitments. Those buyers and sellers that prove that they can not be honest can not be a LinkAdage™ member.

LinkAdage™ is owned and operated by WebOriginations LLC

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