Top 5 Optimal online Photo Editors

Are you looking for an optimal on-line photo editor, free and with features similar to your desktop applications? Take a look at this list of five editors you may absolutely to try!

1.  Tucia – Photo Editing, Photo Retouching Service

With Tucia, you can save the time of learning sophisticated photo editing software and save the money for photo studios or deisigning companies. Tucia is simply the easiest and best way to to edit your photos and realize your new ideas with photos.

With a huge team with over 7000 dedicated graphic designers and photography artists worldwide, we provide professional photo editing & retouching services online at 24×7. Our clients include numerous individuals and professionals (photography studios, graphic artists, advertising agencies, small business, press etc.) from all over the world.

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is an “open-and-go” on-line photo editor. Open the page, open your photos and make all changes you want! No registration is required and with a familiar Photoshop interfaces, with advanced features (such as lasso, brush, clone stamp, blur, sharpen, wand tool) Pixlr is one of the best online Photo Editor actually in circulation.

You can use multiple layers, a lot of filters and use all fonts you have in your computer. Flash 10 web-interface provides a great user experience with stunning visual effects.


Slashup it’s a Flash-based on-line clone of Photoshop desktop program, with a lot of interesting features to edit your photo online. If you are a Photoshop or Gimp user you’ll find very simple to use and with a “familiar” interface.

You can manage multiple file with a windowed environment, multiple layers, use filters and custom brushes, adding text and share your photo with other web services. You can also save your images in JPEG and PNG format selecting the more appropriated compression level.

4. Picnik

Picnik… if you try it, you’ll love it! This web application is simple to use, with a clear Ajax based interface, fast and responsive and doesn’t require registration to use it.

When you upload a photo you can modify the exposure, contrast, saturation, apply red eyes remover and other effects, add text (there are some interesting fonts to use), save or share your photos on Flickr,Facebook, MySpace, Picasa and on other photo sharing web services.

5. FlauntR

FlauntR is another high-quality online photo editor which uses a powerful Flash interface to manage and retouch your photos with a professional quality. With flauntR you can create widgets and slideshows as share photos to social networking sites.

Flauntr supports dozens of editing effects, nice fonts and custom shapes to enrich your photos and un unlimited storage space.

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