DVD-quality Web Video Will Come!

Recast Digital is promising high-definition and DVD-quality video delivered over the internet without the need for specialist software or workstation-class hardware. The company claimed that its technology enables high-quality video to be delivered over the public internet, and that consumers require nothing more than a browser and Adobe’s Flash plug-in to view the content.

The Recast Digital director of Jonathan Toni believes that: the technology will be mainly for content owners, such as advertising companies or broadcasters, the BBC technology will be popular iPlayer service threat.

Recast Digital said they can help the user paid for the preparation of video content, their basic business model is to provide encoding services for large broadcasting companies, they can take the license system so that users can prepare their own video content.

Recast Digital The RDV1 based on the Flash Player will automatically detect the user’s computer configuration and bandwidth in order to adjust the video quality, high-definition programs on the whole, the highest need 3Mbit / s of bandwidth.

Recast Digital has used some of the Flash decoder for the reconstruction in order to smooth playback high-definition content, even through the Internet. As a user, as long as have Flash 9 or above version will be able to appreciate high-definition programming.

 The following address can experience the Recast Digital high-definition Web video : http://www.recastdigital.com/RDV1/.