MOTO‘s New Round Luxury Mobile Phone screen “AURA”

Before few days, Motorola showed a luxury mobile phone called “AURA”  . The company said that its style is like a beautiful design of high-end watches, It is the world’s first round with a screen on the phone.

Media reports: This new type of “AURA” The application technology of the mobile phone is very sophisticated, and with the Swiss manufacturer of the main bearings and more than 200 parts, at the same time the screen cover is using 62-carat sapphire crystal to producte, it is learned that This sapphire crystal is the best anti-scratching material on the world now.

Look at the pictures of Motorola’s latest luxury mobile phone “AURA”

MOTO luxury mobile phone screen "AURA"

MOTO luxury mobile phone screen "AURA"

Motorola design director Jim Wicks said: AURA Motorola is in the field of high-end luxury phone created by the work-to-date, Motorola is continuously insist on innovative product design , rich in imagination and the most advanced techniques of hand-inspired crystal.

If i have  a “AURA” mobile phone, I belive it can give me the luxury experience, and appreciate the unique quality of the product. 🙂