Ronan Keating-The Singer I Like!

Do you know the singer of Ronan Keating. I like his songs such as Friends In Time in album《Bring You Home》.  Others 《Hello Again》《 Just When I’d Given Up Dreaming》.《 We Just Need Time》.《 So Far Away》 Ronan Keating is very Pop singer。

Ronan Keating file: Ronan in 1977, said on March 3 was born in Dublin, grew up in a warm and ordinary families. Ronan as a child on an excellent show of music talent, creativity and start playing. Juvenile period of leave over the weekend, he said, also had all kinds of work, including work in the shoe store, as well as her mother’s hair, such as the Office of sweeping.

In 1993 the first demonstration Ronan will be the biggest turning point in life. When Take That Hongbian of England, 5 from Dublin and like-minded young people from an ‘is referred to as Ireland’s answer to Take That’s’ On Stage will beat many participants come to the fore, as well as by Ronan Like the other four new friends Qingse tension-Stephen, Keith, Micky, Shane formed the most successful in the history of the boy idol group Boyzone. Boyzone into the military for more than 6 years, a total of 16 to create a list of the top three singles, 6 of which won the championship rankings, and the 4 best-selling title of the album sales worldwide of more than 12,000,000. There is no doubt that, Boyzone Ireland is the most successful pop bands and their outstanding results for the same was born in Ireland since the younger generation later, such as Westlife, The Corrs, B * Witched into the pop music of the paved road.

After Ronan Keating’s solo does not stand still, and follow a variety of honors, which is referred to as his personal symbol of music for the film “Notting Hill” sang the song “When You Say Nothing At All” for him Has won numerous awards. In 2006, Ronan Keating launched their latest album “Bring You Home”, still continue his unique style of slightly sentimental love songs of the line, but also introduced other similar elements, such as classical music, and the invitation to co-Kate Rusby singing specially Series of “All Over Again”, was Ciqu BBC radio in recent years as a rare duet of fine love songs.