Amarok 2 Beta 2 has released on 6/10

Amarok is the music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. Amarok makes playing the music you love easier than ever before – and looks good doing it. Now, Amarok 2 Beta 2 released.

The Amarok team, in a brief pause from the frantic coding marathon towards the final release, is very pleased to bring you Nujalik, Beta 2 of Amarok 2.0.

Durga Puja 2008 Kolkata

The music player Amarok

 This release comes with a substantial changelog since Beta 1 and almost all parts of Amarok have received attention. Many bugs and crashes have been fixed and a few new features have snuck in as well. As Amarok 2.0 gets closer to release, we have seen a significant increase in number of contributors providing patches and filing bug reports. This has catapulted the development pace into never before seen rates! Help us make Amarok 2.0 even better by testing, reporting bugs or contributing patches.

The most significant change in this release is the switch from SQLite to MySQL-embedded as the database backend. MySQL-embedded allows us to leverage the performance increase of a MySQL configuration, whilst alleviating non trivial configuration that comes with a standalone server. Furthermore, this will allow us to expose using a standalone MySQL server in the future, if so desired, though this is not possible yet. Most noticeably, you will see much improved performance of collection scanning and searching, especially with very large music collections. Since there are technical intricacies involved with building MySQL correctly, we strongly recommend using an official distribution package as we are working with packagers to ensure a minimum of problems. For information on building and running Amarok on MySQL-embedded, please visit, edit and help update our wiki page.

md5sum: 658f8a388d87fad83d8ef1c8ae59e292