All The People Pay Attention to Liu Xiang

The google hot announcement demonstrated that on September 18, 2008, Liu Xiang is the Chinese web cams pays attention are most, searches most athletes. on September 18 12:00 pm.
Mainland China area web cam achieves the high point to the flier Liu Xiang’s search. “Liu Xiang” the entire day is web cam’s heat searches for the glossary. Compared the past several “the google hot announcement to search the champion”, within one day, Liu Xiang’s search quantity achieved on 14th to search most Liu Zi the song 53.7 times, on 13th is paid attention to most Du Li’s 60 times, as well as Olympic Games period Philps’s 45.7 times which paid attention continually.
Maintains the high search quantity besides Liu Xiang’s name, the net friends also become 18th to Liu Xiang’s blessing and the commentary the popular search word .