Templatica Vizio Best Magazine Thesis Child Theme

Are you using the diythemes thesis theme? Could you like to transform your Thesis-powered blog to a magazine layout? The Vizio child theme is your best choose. This Vizio thesis theme skin was created to allow people to break out of the regular Thesis mold and create a powerful blog or magazine-based site without touching any code.

Vizio Best Magazine Thesis Child Theme


Vizio Thesis Child Theme Features:

  • Fully custom front page – The Vizio Theme homepage of the theme is completely customizable via custom dynamic widgets specifically built and configure areas for this theme.
  • Custom Control Panel – This Vizio Theme has an easy-to-use,intuitive control panel that allows you to configure all aspects of your site without touching the code.
  • Dynamic image for areas on site – Vizio dynamically generates thumbnails from the images you upload of post.
  • Menu Page – Create Menu Page separate with category,using create menu of wordpress and thesis.
  • Excellent Support
  • A completely customizable header region with theme options
  • Theme Guide & Tutorials
  • PSD File Included
  • Drop Down & Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Gravatar Support & Threaded Comments
  • Theme Type : News, magazine Themes
  • Release Date : Nov 28th, 2010

Visit / Download Vizio Thesis Child Theme Skin at Templatica

Remember this is a Thesis theme skin you must own your own copy of the Thesis Theme from DIYThemes before you can use it.

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