Do Not Upgrade Backlinks Sale Links Control Plug-ins Backlinks-WP-Plugin

Today whemn i go to WP background, i see the Backlinks Sale Links Control Plug-ins Backlinks-WP-Plugin havs a new wersion1.1. So i

 click on automatically upgrade to update the plug-in, But it knows the wrong upgrade, When I open the blog home page, backlink code found to the problem of the sidebar Department, and certainly the reasons for plug-ins, and then into account to download the new plug-ins, install them, can be found in or plug-ins or change this way, a look at this carefully to know where the address points to, it is See blog post links to any article, similar to Google backlinks. Show the same as a plug-in, then WordPress was wrong, resulting in automatic reminder for the WP plug-ins need to be updated.

Another about, Yestoday, i received e-mail  they sent to me, It say they launched a free domain parking business, as follows:

Thank you for using Our parent company, Next Net Media LLC, has developed a new service at which may be of interest to you. is a free domain name parking service that allows you to instantly create a content rich website for each domain you own. In addition, you can have relevant content added to your domain website every day. You select the keywords and does the rest. All of the parked pages are laid out in a WordPress blog format and created instantly.
You can add any PPC ads you want to your pages (YPN, Google, etc) and keep 100% of the revenue earned.

The main features include:

  •  Free service
  •  100 C-class IP address for your domain’s web site 
  •  Blog search engine optimization friendly format
  •  Be able to run your own pay-per-click advertising (Google’s AdSense / Yahoo ad)
  •  Access to relevant content more than 20 million
  •  Ability of the content of your own
  •  Unlimited domain names can be parked

So, if you have some domains in head and not used, you can go to a test, I’m think you can make more more by Domain parking service.