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Coachs handbag range includes pieces with classic styling and modern design. While many Coach bags cater to contemporary fashion tastes, other vintage lines have remained unchanged for decades.

Coach handbag styles fall into three broad categories. Small handheld bags are ideal for a night on the town or those days when youre traveling light. The shoulder bags offer more space, making them perfect for everyday use. Bags like the Hamptons Leather Signature Taffy and Chelsea Optic Signature Swing Pack feature an adjustable strap, allowing them to be worn comfortably across the body.

Coach bags are usually made from leather, but recent designs incorporate other materials. The use of denim, lurex, and signature jacquard fabrics bring a range of textures and colors to new Coach purses. Modern materials are particularly prevalent in Coachs patchwork range.

Coach bags are typically produced in natural leather colors. While many Coach purses maintain this tradition, others are available in rich earth tones, metallic shades, and classic monochrome hues.

Traditional Coach handbags have fairly basic designs, incorporating semi-circle handles, clip straps, and shiny clip straps. Modern varieties feature more edgy embellishments such as studded rivets, leather lacing

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