Is SEO Elite Good?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what every webmaster wants. SEO can give your site long term free targeted traffic from the search engines. If your website gets ranked for a high traffic competitive keyword by the search engines, you have hit a goldmine. But SEO is not easy. It may take months of back breaking work for you before you succeed.

If you dont know SEO than it means optimizing your site for search engines so that it gets ranked on search engine pages. You do this by On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. On page Optimization means that you include the title tag, description tag, keyword tag and H1/H2 headers to tell the search engine the keyword that you want to be ranked. Search engines dont like keyword spamming. So keep the keyword density on your page below 4%.

This is known as On Page Optimization. The search engines like it. But they love the number of quality back links that your site and that particular web page gets from other authority sites. This is called Off Page Optimization. The more quality back links your site gets, the higher it will get ranked.

Let me make it very clear. SEO: both On Page and Off Page Optimization requires work. If you have deep pockets, you can pay to SEO companies to do the hard work fro you. I do it myself and it is fun. Its just that you have to have the patience to work for a few months to get the results.

Many people want to take short cut to SEO. They download Black Hat SEO eBooks thinking that these black hat techniques may give them success. Nothing is further from the truth. Search engines dont like black hat techniques.

A number of SEO software are now available online that claim to help you in getting good traffic from the search engine. One such software is SEO Elite. Many people think that this software get help them in getting there website get ranked on Google, Yahoo or MSN.

SEO Elite can only tell you whether your site is being ranked for a particular keyword and how many backlinks you are getting for your site. It cannot help you in On Page Optimization or Link Building. You will have to do this stuff yourself.

So why pay a few hundred dollars when you can get the same information from Google free. Google wants to help you in building a better website that users like. This is what SEO is all about; a user friendly website with good quality content.

Open a Google Webmaster Tools account free. Get your site indexed by Google by submitting your site and its sitemap at Google Webmaster Tools. Without being indexed, your site cannot get ranking from the search engines.

Use the link Search Queries in the Google Webmaster Tools to find whether your site has been ranked by Google. It will give you the list of keywords that your site has a ranking.

Use: link: on the Google Webmaster Tools page to find the backlinks that Google knows your site is getting. If Google is not counting a backlink, it simply means Google does not know about it and that link has no value for Google.

Isnt this method free and better than spending hundreds of dollars on SEO Software? If you have a Google Adwords account than you can also open a Google Analytics account for your site free.

Google Analytics gives you everything. The number of visitors, their countries, time spent on the site, referral path, bounce rate, pageviews; keywords that give you search engine traffic, direct traffic and referral sites that are giving traffic to your site.


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