CelebrityPress Fashion Theme:CelebrityPress -A Gorilla Theme for WordPress

These WordPress themes are all from Gorilla Theme . Which are Released Premium WordPress Themes. Click here to visit  Gorilla Theme

Today, Let’s look at their CelebrityPress Fashion Theme.

CelebrityPress Main Features

  • Extensive help and tutorial included
  • Build your sub-navigation and dropdown menu from the Theme Options
  • Stylesheet Switcher
  • Select the different styles provided with theme right from the Theme Options, add more stylesheet files via ftp and they will show up ready to be selected on the drop down menu.
  • Select Category for Random Posts
  • Select a category for your random posts. The articles will rotate randomly every time a visitor enters the website.
  • Select Category for Main News
  • For the middle column, select the category to show and the amount of articles right from the Theme Options Page.
  • flickr and FeedBurner Integration
  • Show your latest flickr photos with the integrated flickr badge, just input your flickr id and the photos will show up automatically.
  • For Newsletter integration, input your Feedburner ID and when visitors sign up in your site, they will receive a newsletter in their inbox every time you publish an article.
  • Random Video Rotator Manager (Copy/Paste Video Code)
  • Ability to show up to 5 random featured videos in the theme sidebar, show videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Just copy and paste the video code into one of the 5 Video input areas.
  • Ad Banner Management and Adsense code.
  • Turn on/off all banners or each one individually, the theme provides a top header banner 728px by 90px, 4 sidebars banners 125px by 125px and a bottom sidebar banner of 300px by 250px, this one together with the top header banner allow for Adsense code or image integration, just place your adsense code in each of the input areas on the theme options and the Ad will automatically show up on the website.

All demos feature the random posts and video rotator and Google Adsense advertisement mixed with sponsored images advertisement fully customizable through the theme options page.

Celebrity Default Style

Default Style

Celebrity Fresh

Fresh Style

Celebrity White

White Style


Customizable Wireframe


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  3. Developer’s License $249.95 New Holiday Price!Click here to view more details
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