Palm phone software store online

After Apple, Google and RIM software on-line shop on line, PALM also on the line to start the run. The Palm online store software, introduced the Windows Mobile and Palm OS versions of the mobile phone software.

Unlike other manufacturers online store software, Palm has chosen in a June 2008 start line on the run and include a paragraph 50000 smartphone software operator PocketGear. The mobile software store supports over 25 Palm devices, from the Centro to the Treo Pro.

Apple and Google and online store software developers have to provide 70% of the share of proceeds, RIM raised to 80%, while interest into Palm down to 50%. But Palm is still on the developers to choose their stores have enough confidence. Because they have a broader product line. Apple only three products (iPhone / iPhone 3G/iPod Touch), google is only one (G1). Palm and was introduced 25 products.

If you want to visit the Palm online software store , enter here!