The Standard of USB 3.0 has released

Last two weeks, I have writed a post named Next year USB 3.0 speed of 10 times will be available, Now, after a few days, USB 3.0 standard has released. The USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced today that:

The new specification provides 10 times in the USB 2.0 transfer rate and higher energy efficiency, can be used in PC peripherals and consumer electronics.

To complete the development of the USB 3.0 standard has been handed over to standardize the management of the Organization of the USB Implementers Forum (referred to as the USB-IF). The organization will work with hardware vendors to develop support for the new USB 3.0 standard hardware, but the actual market for a period of time to wait.

 Standard USB3.0 download PDF documents:  Download: original announcement (PDF)