Do you know the 6 advantage about iPhone

Apple iPhone launch is also a year, more than a year after a baptism of the market has been an unprecedented success, has never been involved in the field of communications Apple also from the very beginning, the question was to be sought later, a hit miracles in the industry. 

Now, iPhone mobile phones has launched two versions, respectively, and the iPhone is the iPhone 3G. And for the two mobile phone launched by the “super-parody” is also in full swing of the start orange HiPhone, HTC Diamond, T-Mobile G1, Samsung i900, LG PRADA, NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic mobile phone, and so on with each other “on the mirror.” While these phones look like and similar to the iPhone, but on the overall strength is not an opponent of the iPhone is, what was the “Cheats” iPhone mobile phone has been imitated, never been beyond it? Today we have to look into.

Below are these six advantages, look at them!

  1. the Apple faithful supporter
  2. capacitive touch screen
  3. a mature and stable operating system
  4. software scalability
  5. Apple’s industrial design style
  6. throughout the human operator

Do you know others , if have please tell me !