Google Visualization API pushed

Google have launched a visualization API in March, Which was only allowed developers to create Google Docs above the table. From now on, developers can also use the API to connect to the network from any data source to create charts and tools, including SQL databases and Excel spreadsheets. Google Visualization API allows you to show you can visit the structured data of a number of sources (from a wide range of visual choices within the framework of choice). Google Visualization API also provides a can be used to create, share and re-use developer community as a whole to prepare the visual content of the platform.

Directly to the visual content into your website: from the developer community to create a large number of visual content to choose, your site attractive.

The preparation, sharing and re-use: Google Visualization API to provide simple gadget API to expand in order to create a visual gadgets. Here or in the gadget directory published content. The active participation of the community developers, re-use and share with other visual content.

Google to create product extensions: Google products (such as Google Docs) to prepare visualization applications. To support the use of the gadget’s growing list of products that joint your application.

 The use of multiple data sources, only use one API: to create visual applications using API-compatible access to any data source, without the need for your application code changes. Developers can use Google Spreadsheets as a data source to support the immediate start to build applications.