Solostream 3-Column 1.0 Premium WordPress Theme

Solostream 3-Column 1.0 is a 3-column, fixed-width WordPress theme built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above. If the theme looks a bit familiar, that’s because it’s currently the theme I’m using on this site.

Solostream 3-Column 1.0

Solostream 3-Column 1.0


  • Widget-Ready
  • Drop-down navigation for sub-pages.
  • Tag support for WordPress 2.3.
  • Built-in archives page.
  • Drop-down boxes for categories and monthly archives.
  • Tabbed top content box.
  • Featured article functionality.


SoloStream WordPress Theme Basic $59
SoloStream WordPress Theme Silver $79
SoloStream WordPressTheme Gold $129

Download SoloStream WordPress Theme

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