Yahoo! Image Search Filtering Enhanced

According to Yahoo! Search Blog message, Yahoo increased the picture (Yahoo! Image Search) filter function. You will be able to more quickly find the desired picture. Enhanced filtering there are three: 1, picture size, you can select wallpaper, large, medium and small size, but also custom size; 2, picture color, black and white or color, […]

Sprint and Clearwire Reached the Ultra-High-Speed WiMax

According to MarketWatch reported:  Third-largest U.S. wireless operator Sprint Nextel and Clearwire the two companies announced the completion of 14,500,000,000 U.S. dollars worth of transactions, will launch high-speed, high capacity mobile Internet network WiMax. The establishment of the new company name Clearwire, the headquarters remain in Washington, DC, the city of Kirkland. According to media […]

Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS) 1.0 platform launch

Today’s Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS) 1.0 platform launch gives you something to get your hands on. Yahoo making Y!OS a reality for developers through the release of the Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) , Yahoo! Social Platform (YSP) and Yahoo! Query Language (YQL). Now, anyone on the web has access to Yahoo!’s tools and data to start […]

Yahoo! Web Analytics launched

Yahoo launched their Web Analytics (Beta) solution the day before yesterday! In fact, Yahoo! Web Analytics is the re-branding of IndexTools that they had acquired earlier this year. Yahoo! Web Analytics is a comprehensive website reporting system designed to help you increase sales, reduce marketing costs and encourage visitor retention.  Yahoo! Web Analytics is an enterprise […]

Yahoo Buzz Is Open To The Public

Yahoo’s one item to be similar to the Digg new service: Yahoo Buzz, Now Is Open To The Public. It’s a Digg Like site. But Yahoo Buzz is different from Digg.   The user may the button which inserts through the page or directly in Yahoo! Buzz website for specific news voting. This point and Digg are similar, […]