Win Your Wii & Wii Fit from

Do you have a Wii & Wii fit? Do you want to have one? I think we are wish, but Only for me. I wish very much. You a chance to win a Wii & Wii Fit from Are you believe me? LeapFish, the Fastest Search Engine on the Planet; it combines the best of the […]

Google Searchwiki:Make Your Own Search Results

Have you ever wanted to mark up Google search results? I’ve always wanted google to do this! I hate some of the results that show up. Especially when I’m searching for lyrics, some websites are very sketchy and should not be visited. Starting today we can do all this and tailor Google search results to best […]

Google SearchWiki – Make and Personalise your own search results

This is the biggest update to google search service in more than a year. Searchwiki adds a Web 2.0 aspect to the search results, enabling the end-user by contributing to the Wiki and the community aggregation. Internet users can customize their searches by re-ranking, deleting, adding and even commenting on their search results. Users will […]