PressJunkie Premium WordPress Theme

PressJunkie is a new premium wordpress themes store, offers professional-grade themes for your WordPress blog. PressJunkie is providing you with high-quality WordPress themes at affordable and sensible prices. And almost every theme is fully widgetised giving you true drag n’ drop capabilities using our custom-coded widgets. view Premium PressJunkie WordPress Themes now. PressJunkie New Yorker 3 WordPress […]

PressJunkie Playmaker 6.0 WordPress Theme

Playmaker 6.0 Theme is a premium news style wordpress theme from PressJunkie, Playmaker theme transform your standard WordPress blog into a comprehensive, feature-packed, Sports News publishing system. Playmaker WordPress Theme Features: Element built-in control panel 9 custom-coded widgets WordPress Thumbnails WordPress Menus Nested Comments Gravatars WP-Post-Ratings plugin Google Analytics and Feedburner. CSS Level 2.1 and XHTML […]