Adobe Flash Player 10 VS Microsoft Silverlight 2

After only a few weeks of Adobe released their Flash Player 10 (beta), This week,  Adobe releases its official version of the Flash Player 10 for Linux, Windows and Mac systems, it has many new features, But Microsoft  released Silverlight 2 this week. The direct competition start, Who will be winner. You know Adobe is […]

2008 Beijing Olympics Flash Drives (from Lenovo)

China just kicked off 2008 Summer Olympics with an opening ceremony that cost upwards of $300 million USD – a budget that guarantees the most spectacular fireworks and pageantry in the one-of-a kind bird nest-like venue. Lenovo as the first Chinese company to throw in its support behind Beijing Olympic Committee is the official flash […]

All The People Pay Attention to Liu Xiang

The google hot announcement demonstrated that on September 18, 2008, Liu Xiang is the Chinese web cams pays attention are most, searches most athletes. on September 18 12:00 pm. Mainland China area web cam achieves the high point to the flier Liu Xiang’s search. “Liu Xiang” the entire day is web cam’s heat searches for […]

LiuXiang Quit Beijing Olympic Games 110-meter hurdles

Chinese Olympic hurdler Liu Xiang quit the game at 12:00 (beijing)this morning. I am sorry that he has lost the chance to win a 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medal. (Liu Xiang quit the 110-meter competition ,The trainer is choking with sobs ) Liu was injured in U.S May 2008. According to the news conference today, […]

Chinese Guo Wenjun Wins Women’s Air Pistol Gold

The women’s 10m air pistol final of shooting at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, Aug. 10, 2008 is end now. The Chinese Guo Wenjun won the women’s air pistol gold medal with 492.3 points at the Olympic Games, a new Olympic record, on Sunday.    Natalia Paderina of Russia picked the silver in 489.1 points. […]

The Theme Song of 2008 Olympic Games, “Beijing Welcomes You”

The opening ceremony of Game of the XXIX Olympiad, Aug. 8, 2008, will be holding at 20:08 tonight later, at Beijing, China. Tomorrow, I will issue the opening ceremony . Various star artists were Live singing one of theme song of 2008 Olympic Games, “Beijing Welcomes You” at a Beijing night.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Games cute adorable mascot

The 2008 Summer Olympics Games also know as the Olympiad is an international sport event held every 4 years.The emblem for this olympics is title “Dancing Beijing” , ten day age, the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games will start. depicting a red Chinese seal (symbolising luck,vitality,happiness and their explanation of live) inscribed with the character “Jing” ( from […]