KeyHoleTV & KeyHoleVideo -The P2P Network Television

The P2P network television of KeyHoleTV, Which was released by the Government of Japan, belong to legitimate TV network, Fuji Television, TV Asahi, the Japanese television station, TV Tokyo, and so on. Real Real Time Video P2P and Server based Hybrid Communication System. Free to use. The KeyHoleVideo encoder provides for streaming Video via the Internet […]

MPlayer-The best media player application on the world

Do you know the MPlayer, MPlayer is arguably the best media player application of the world. Which as the best tool for media players under Linux, and now successfully transplanted to the Windows.Great for the news, it means we all can use it! MPlayer can play almost all popular audio and video formats, relative to other […]

Adobe Media Player 1.5 have released

Today,Adobe released his’ new products-Adobe Media Player (AMP) 1.5, AMP is based on the AIR platform for network applications, which can be viewed online and offline a variety of broadcast video. Watch what you want, when you want! Your favorite shows and clips all in one place, Experience the next generation of television with Adobe® Media […]

Adobe Flash Player 10 VS Microsoft Silverlight 2

After only a few weeks of Adobe released their Flash Player 10 (beta), This week,  Adobe releases its official version of the Flash Player 10 for Linux, Windows and Mac systems, it has many new features, But Microsoft  released Silverlight 2 this week. The direct competition start, Who will be winner. You know Adobe is […]

Great PC Hardware, Software and Tech Rele

On the world, There is a new site named Gadget Advisor, do you know it! If not, I will tell you now. Gadget Advisor is PC about site, their goal is focuses on the product releases and news items that are the most significant, useful, or particularly cool. For example: They list a Software is Network Media Player […]