JoomlaShack Active Joomla Template For Sporty/ Active lifestyle

JS Active is a premium sporty Joomla Template built on the Wright Framework from Joomlashack, Active template designed for Sports Club, Football,Tennis or Active lifestyle websites. The JoomlaShack Active Joomla Template with a new ‘dynamic dropdown menu’, 6 color combinations, 84 module style options, accordion option for module display, and a ‘full page’ background image and more. JS Active […]

JoomlaShack SimpleTech Joomla Template Reveiw And Download

simpleTech is a high tech-look premium Joomla Template built on the Wright Framework from Joomlashack, SimpleTech Template is as versatile a design as they come. JoomlaShack SimpleTech Joomla Template comes in six colors, light and dark themes, 12 versions, as well as elegant and contrasting call-to-action color combinations.  Because JoomlaShack SimpleTech Template is built on the Wright Framework, […]

JoomlaShack Ilumina Joomla Corporate Template With Wright Framework

Ilumina is an adaptable, all purpose premium corporate Joomla Template built on the Wright Framework from Joomlashack, Tailor Template allow you create Clean, Modern corporate website or blog in minutes. JoomlaShack Ilumina template comes with 6 color styles in light and dark variations, CSS3, and 11 collapsible module positions. Plus, you can easily customize the […]

JoomlaShack Tailor Joomla Template With Wright Framework

Tailor is a multi-use premium Joomla business Template built on the Wright Framework from Joomlashack, Tailor Template designed with a wide variety of businesses in mind.  JoomlaShack Tailor Template comes with 6 colorful and elegant styles that are both light and dark themed.  Whether your next site calls for pin-striped or a jeans and t-shirt style, JoomlaShack […]

JoomlaShack Argos Joomla Template With Wright Framework

Argos is a light and dark, vibrant and versatile premium minimalist business Joomla Template from Joomlashack, Argos theme has simple and clean graphics and modern typography lend themeselves to a huge and diverging number of markets and industries. The JoomlaShack Argos Joomla Template comes with 5 color styles in light and dark variattions, CSS3, and […]

Review And Download Hyacinth Joomla Template From JoomlaShack

Hyacinth is light, vibrant and versatile premium joomla template from JoomlaShack, Hyacinth template comes with 3 built-in color themes, 3 matching module styles, CSS3, and 11 collapsible module positions. Plus, you can easily customize the columns, fonts, and 10 other parameters! Hyacinth Joomla Template Features 3 Template themes 3 custom module styles 11 collapsible module […]

JoomlaShack Travertine Joomla Template For A Multitude Of Clients

JoomlaShack just released Travertine joomla template, which is the JoomlaShack’s 20th Joomla 1.7 Template, they also has Joomlashack University and joomla extensions. Review the Joomla Travertine Template first. The JoomlaShack Travertine Template makes building web sites for a multitude of clients a breeze. And Travertine Template is versatile and with its elegant typography, 4 color […]

JoomlaShack Breeze Joomla Template For Light, Airy & Cool Sites

Breeze is colorful, versatile premium joomla1.6 template from Joomlashack, Breeze template is a light, airy & cool Joomla 1.6 Template makes building web sites a breeze with its 15 customizable parameters that make your site truly unique.. Source Graphics used to create the template, allowing easy customization of template graphics. And JoomlaShack templates give a […]

JoomlaShack Scenica Joomla Template For Fashion & apparel Sites

Scenica is a gorgeous new premium fashion joomla template from Joomlashack, Scenica Template is perfect for anyone who wants to present their message in a more visual way. It’s eye-catching slideshow backgrounds (with built-in slideshow), With JoomlaShack Scenica Joomla Template clean design and open layout, you can work well with photo galleries, sites for visual artists, musicians, travel destinations, […]

JoomlaShack Academia Joomla Template For Universities, Colleges

Academia is a premium Joomla! Educational Template from Joomlashack, Academia template is perfect for any website dealing with education, whether it be a university, college, academy, high school, elementary school or non-profit. Academia Joomla Template Features: 4 Beautiful Themes – Academia Template offers 4 default themes that you can easily customize to make your website […]