JoomlaShack SimpleTech Joomla Template Reveiw And Download

simpleTech is a high tech-look premium Joomla Template built on the Wright Framework from Joomlashack, SimpleTech Template is as versatile a design as they come. JoomlaShack SimpleTech Joomla Template comes in six colors, light and dark themes, 12 versions, as well as elegant and contrasting call-to-action color combinations.  Because JoomlaShack SimpleTech Template is built on the Wright Framework, […]

JoomlaShack Tailor Joomla Template With Wright Framework

Tailor is a multi-use premium Joomla business Template built on the Wright Framework from Joomlashack, Tailor Template designed with a wide variety of businesses in mind.  JoomlaShack Tailor Template comes with 6 colorful and elegant styles that are both light and dark themed.  Whether your next site calls for pin-striped or a jeans and t-shirt style, JoomlaShack […]

JoomlaShack Argos Joomla Template With Wright Framework

Argos is a light and dark, vibrant and versatile premium minimalist business Joomla Template from Joomlashack, Argos theme has simple and clean graphics and modern typography lend themeselves to a huge and diverging number of markets and industries. The JoomlaShack Argos Joomla Template comes with 5 color styles in light and dark variattions, CSS3, and […]