Google Already Issued His Own Jaiku Code

JaikuEngine is a social micro blog platform, it based on the AppEngine movement, Jaiku is similar to Twitter, has maintains by Google, the Jaiku essential target is lets the people depend mutually near, Jaiku lets the user share their current condition, is sends their daily activity and the trivial matters above Jaiku, through immediate news […]

Google Introduces Google Friend Connect API

Google Friend Connect was a social feature from Google which was used to integrate as widgets into blogs and making friends to get more social on the web. Google just launched its API helping people to get more involved into Friend Connect and also use the core features of it on their sites. Friend Connect […]

Wolfram Alpha Will Challenge Google Seach Engine

American computer scientist: Stephen Wolfram recently said in his blog, research and development  a new type of search engine named “Wolfram Alpha“, the engine may be more intelligent in its search capabilities into Google search engine tremendous competitor. According to foreign media reports, Wolfram at Bowen said in the introduction, the search engine more than 100 […]

Google Searchwiki:Make Your Own Search Results

Have you ever wanted to mark up Google search results? I’ve always wanted google to do this! I hate some of the results that show up. Especially when I’m searching for lyrics, some websites are very sketchy and should not be visited. Starting today we can do all this and tailor Google search results to best […]