Add the Alexa widget to your blog

Today I add the Alexa Rank Widgets to my blog. so I can attention the Alexa Rank of my blog. About Alexa:Founded in April 1996, Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the participation of its users. Along the way Alexa has developed an installed based […]

Blog Alexa Rank Updated 16-9-08

Yeah ! The Alexa Rank update again, I remember the last time Alexa Rank update, my blog’s Alexa Rank was 954,580 . This morning , when i open my blog-webaboutmoney. .. My Alexa Rank record on Alexa widget was 510,178 now ! I find that: my blog’s Alexa Rank is improve after tow weeks. There is an improvement about 400,000 in 2 weks! 🙂 […]