Outreach 2.0 Child Responsive WordPress Theme From StudioPress

Outreach 2.0 theme is a update vasion of outreach child theme from StudioPress. Outreach 2.0 Child theme is updated mobile responsive design, additional new landing page template and more. Outreach 2.0 WordPress theme is a church theme is one of the most information intensive organizations, and has huge image slider to showcase featured posts and organizations details, 4 columns footer widgets and more. The StudioPress Outreach 2.0 Child theme perfect for church, organization, non profit or small business websites, etc.

Outreach 2.0 Child Responsive WordPress Theme From StudioPress

Outreach 2.0

Outreach 2.0 Theme Features:

  • Responsive design that adapts any mobile screen size
  • 6 Layout Options
  • 4 Colors – Blue, Green, Orange & Red
  • addition of a Landing Page template
  • featured images, fixed width
  • Includes the Genesis Framework
  • Includes the Outreach 2.0 heme
  • Unlimited Updates, Support & Sites
  • Access to Detailed Tutorials
  • Search Optimized and Secure
  • Auto Upgrade Features for future updates
  • One-time Purchase Fee
  • SEO optimized
  • Turn Key Design
  • Twitter Stream Widget
  • Social Media Buttons
  • And much more…

Outreach 2.0 Child theme Package : $24.95
Outreach 2.0 Theme + Genesis Theme Package: $79.95
StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package $349.95 (Best Value, save over $800)

Download StudioPress Outreach 2.0 WordPress Theme

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