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iDesignEco WordPress Themes Reviews

iDesigneco Offers You Excellent Collection Of Themes, a new premium wordpress theme you can choose. The company boasts of a team of professional and highly efficient web developers and designers responsible for bringing the technology you would normally see in pro functionality.

iDesignEco WP themes are specially designed that allow you to easily apply your WP blog or website without the hassle, and with just a few clicks. You, of course, would need a self-hosted WP installation with the minimum versions of WordPress 2.4 and PHP 5. Simply put, Idesigneco’s theme functionality makes it a lot easier for you to design and manage your website’s content even if you don’t have the technical know-how for such.

Each of iDesignEco themes comes with a customizable administration panel with a variety of options for support. Bunch of special theme specific functions that will make customizing the theme a breeze.

Enhance your site with the bundled ecoWidgets (ecoSocial, ecoBanner etc.). For instance, ecoSocial integrates your Twitter updates, Feedburner feeds and sharing options for dozens and dozens of social media sites. All our themes have a dynamic sidebar and footerbar which you can populate with widgets.

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