BackupBuddy Plugin With New Multisite Support(News)

Reviews BackupBuddy Plugin With BETA Multisite support now!

Today, we get the news of The wordpress backup plugin – BackupBuddy update released yesterday, including massive improvements, new features and also the BETA version of your most requested feature: Multisite support.

BackupBuddy Plugin With New Multisite SupportThe BackupBuddy is now your #1 FULL SHOP solution for ALL YOUR BACKUPS and IMPORTS, from single sites to Multisites, and everything in between! BackupBuddy now covers everything you ever wanted to do with your important data on WordPress. I sure you are know the BackupBuddy WordPress Backup Plugin Review .

Once again, thanks so much for making BackupBuddy so famous and popular. BackupBuddy now has over 37,000 active licenses (single site, multiple sites, unlimited sites), with 300-400 new licenses added daily! Again, please go ahead and test out the new beta Multisite support and let us know what you think in the forums.

You asked for it, so here it is. And here are 5 reasons you’ll love BackupBuddy Plugin With New Multisite Support:

1. Multisite–EASY and FAST
It’s EASY and FAST to backup and restore using the NEW BackupBuddy Plugin with Multisite support. Watch the proof here (and yes, the search box is full of Ron H’s ironic sense of humor):

2. Network Activate is here!
BackupBuddy can now be network activated. Yes, this is real, fully integrated Multisite support. Forgot to network activate BackupBuddy on a Multisite? Once network activated, individual sites can be exported for use in import into another multisite, standalone site, or duplicated within the same network.

3. Multisite Import is here!
We now have the highly requested Multisite Import. With it, you can import a site from a BackupBuddy backup archive seamlessly into any existing Multisite:

4. New ImportBuddy is now leaner and faster!
Importbuddy.php is now leaner, faster, and addresses more problems than ever before. We’ve made big improvements within the Importbuddy.php (which does the importing of existing backups) file. The new Importbuddy.php BETA sports significantly enhanced compatibility and performance, and partners perfectly with the new BackupBuddy Multisite support.

5. One BackupBuddy focuses on both Single and Multisites!
BackupBuddy Multisite support is now an OFFICIALLY INTEGRATED part of BackupBuddy itself! There are no extra plugin or add-ons to download–your BackupBuddy now lets you do everything related to backup and import/restore for both single sites and Multisite networks in one single package.

If you are a backupBuddy plugin user, eaily you can get update on wordpress dashboard, if you are not has the BackupBuddy Plugin . You can get BackupBuddy Coupon Code here now.