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IceThemes a site dedicated to creating theme templates for the popular Pligg Social News CMS, Hotaru CMS and WordPress. IceThemes Themes all start their journey from within Photoshop and converted into valid XHTML and CSS CMS themes.

IceThemes pligg templatesIceThemes are a company that aims to provide Pligg, Hotaru and WordPress users with high quality professionally developed and supported templates. That is unparalleled within the Pligg community along with developing robust professional templates at competitive price points. Along with releasing premium Pligg Templates IceThemes will also be releasing the occasional Free template and Modules to the community, all with the overall aim of improving and adding to the Pligg project.

IceThemes has been decidedly quiet, and for good reason we have been working hard all weekend to put the finishing touches to our brand new IceThemes Pligg Template Framework. The new pligg framework structure will become the standard for all template we release and allows us the ability to have some very cool features within our templates.

The main inspiration behind IceThemes Pligg Template Framework and our main goal was to bring premium quality templates to pligg owners, our new template framework is the first major step towards achieving that goal.

A framework is basically a bare-bones structure of a template that includes all the needed core code and css for your template to function. A framework also allows us to keep a set standard for all IceThemes templates along with making updates and changes much easier, basically if pligg release a new core version that requires template changes we can have IceThemes’ templates updated and released with the new changes in under an hour. This ultimately means that anyone who is using one of IceThemes templates can upgrade their pligg site faster which is crucial especially if it’s a security upgrade.

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