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Dream Convert Keywords Into Websites In Minutes and make money easily? The KeywordstoWebsites is perfect, which is a premium wordpress autoblogging plugin, easily Convert keywords into websites. in case you’re not familiar with it, allows you to create auto-updated niche websites very, very quickly. As the Keywords To Websites plugin is update to KeywordsToWebsites2.0. Now you can use the KeywordsToWebsites coupon code to save money.

keywordstowebsites plugin

Keywords to Websites will take any list of keywords, and convert them into a website that pulls content & products from the following sites: ebay, amazon, commission junction, youtube, yahoo WP answers and the developers claims more are coming soon. KeywordsToWebsites2.0 updated, hurry use KeywordsToWebsites discount code checkout it and and build a wordpress based website based.

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——– Keywords To Websites 2.0 Review ———

We are talking about creating niche websites that pull affiliate data from multiple sources to drive in the most profits. The KeywordsToWebsites wordpress plugin will helpful, a WordPress Autoblogging plugin and builds sites with wordpress. This gives you access to the thousands of plugins that already exist to also use with your affiliate site.! More features:

One Price. No Upsell. You get free updates for a year when additional KeywordsToWebsites themess or affiliate modules are released. We charge one price for all of them.

Turn affiliate modules on and off. You can use only one of the affiliate modules, like you can make yourself a youtube only site, or an ebay only site, or you can mash them up, maybe an ebay/amazon site? What about a commision junction/yahoo answers site? It’s all possible with your list of keywords and our software.

Image and Link Cloaking. We are one of the few (if not the only) software to cloak product images and make them look like they are served from your site. You can do this with affiliate links also. Both of these features are active for amazon and ebay right now.

Auto Updating. Your site will update automatically, no cron job needed, just fresh content as it changes on the merchant site.

Randomization. KeywordsToWebsites will mix up the post times a bit to make things look more natural to search engines.

Change The Order. Maybe you want ebay first and youtube last, or the other way around, you can do that. You have total control of the order of the affiliate modules.

Unlimited Domain License. Use KeywordsToWebsites on as many domains as you want as long as they are your own sites for personal use.

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