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Rockable Press Discount Coupon CodeRockable Press provide resources for web and creative professionals to get good at what they do, produce ebooks, reports, and guides. A series of easy to follow books for people who wish to develop knowledge and skills in different areas. The development of each book is a collaborative effort of author(s), editor(s), and production, marketing and support services..

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How to Take Great Photos – Learn the fundamental skills of what it takes to take great photos with whatever camera you got!

Getting Good with Git – Git take you from knowing nothing about source code management to being able to use Git proficiently. Read full Rockable Press Getting Good With Git Review.

iPhone App Entrepreneur – Provide you with all the knowledge and technique you need to spot a great opportunity, Read full Rockable Press iPhone App Entrepreneur Review.

Rockstar Presentations – Give a blockbuster keynote or teaching a handful of co-workers how to do something cool, this book was written for you. Read our full Rockable Press Rockstar Presentations Review.

Theme Tumblr Like a Pro – shows you just how much you can do with Tumblr, while still maintaining its core principle: simplicity. The book includes a completed Tumblr theme and all its asset files, so you can learn how to build the theme as you work your way through the book.

Photoshop to HTML – Takes you through the entire process of converting a design from Photoshop into a complete HTML /CSS website, Read our fullRockable Press Photoshop to HTML Ebook Review!

How to Write Great Copy for the Web – Help you learn about how writing web copy differs from other forms of writing, and how writing useful, functional and concise copy can both help persuade your readers, and also help with search engine optimization.

How to Build a Successful Blog Business – a straight forward guide to building a publishing business online that covers everything from choosing a niche to hiring staff, registering a business to selling it, finding traffic to monetizing it.

Freelance Statistics Report – Thousands of freelancers from around the world took part in this survey and the results revealed some interesting facts.

Rockstar Personal Branding – Personal branding isn’t very different than product branding, except that the entity being branded is you.

How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer – Everything you need to know about freelancing, from the authors of the award winning, packaged in an easy to read, practical format.

Twitter Up Your Business – How to market your business on Twitter. Takes a look at the social networking phenomenon Twitter from the perspective of a business owner, and explains how to make the most of the service to boost your company’s brand, popularity, and – of course – sales. Here i recommend U a twitter traffic autoblog plugin – WpTweetBomb – Traffic Machine on Twitter.

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