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Chameleon Framework Theme for wordpress, comes from PliablePress Themes. Chameleon Framework is the Mission Control for your site. Every PliablePress wordpress themes all used it to complete command of how your site looks and functions and Everything is done in a simple-to-use options panel!

Chameleon Framework theme

Chameleon Framework

Use Chameleon Framework theme you can do:

    Chameleon Framework admin panel

    Chameleon - admin panel

  • Enter all of your social media addresses. Every theme will then add them to your site for you.
  • Choose where to put your navbar, and what pages you want on it.
  • Add an expanded footer, where you can set all of the content by just dragging on widgets.
  • Enable or disable trackbacks (And either way, we’ve separated them from your regular comments for you)
  • Control every piece of text on the site (All of your form labels, comment area messages etc. can be set in here!)
  • Enable/Disable a featured post slider, and tell it where to get the posts from.
  • Use drag and drop to add elements to your postmeta areas (e.g. Want to list the number of comments and the date a post was written, but not show the tags? That’s easy!)
  • Add in after-post content, like social sharing options (Digg, Twitter etc.), or even an author bio!
  • Control your <title> tags sitewide, so they always show search engines exactly what you want them to show.

Not so more you can do, also you needn’t do, also Plus 5 Extra Widgets!

Chameleon buildwith 5 custom widgets, which you can use in any of PliablePress themes.

  • Ply Subscribe – Adds RSS links, and if you’ve entered your FeedBurner URL in the Chameleon options page, it will even let you add an email subscription form.
  • Ply Twitter Search – Embed tweets from any search term. This is a great way to get a steady of feed of content about your niche onto your site.
  • Ply Post Loop – Want to list posts from one particular category, or tag? Just enter the category/tag name and how many posts you want to show and that’s it done.
  • Ply Search – An improvement over the default search widget, you can set default text for your search box (Which vanishes when the user clicks in it), and choose whether you want the submit button to be shown or not.
  • Ply Social – Automatically builds a list of links to all of your social media profiles, using lovely icons designed

Great features the PliablePress Chameleon Framework Theme have, want the Chameleon Framework used on your site. Go to purchase it, don’t worry your money, PliablePress comes with a 30 day hassle-free money back guarantee!


Chameleon Framework Standard $70
Chameleon Framework  Plus+ $150

DEMO | Download PliablePress Chameleon Framework