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PluginBuddy Mobile

PluginBuddy Mobile is a professional WordPress plugin Mobile WordPress plugin is also perfect for developers who would like to offer special mobile design packages to your web clients.

PluginBuddy Mobile Review, PluginBuddy Mobile Coupon Code

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PluginBuddy Mobile WordPress Plugin Review

PluginBuddy Mobile(Plugin), new WordPress Mobile plugin from PluginBuddy, you can easily create a special iPhone version of your wordpress website or blog in minutes using the built-in style manager, mobile-ready themes and custom header uploader.

PluginBuddy Mobile is ideal for developers who could offer special mobile design packages to your clients and of course, for those of you who want to be the hip kids on the block and have your own iPhone site version. So Ithemes PluginBuddy creat the Mobile WordPress Plugin.

PluginBuddy Mobile Plugin features:

  • Custom Mobile Header Image – You can easily upload your own custom header to your mobile theme with the built-in uploader. This is a key feature that will allow you to personalize your site with your own unique mobile version header graphic.
  • Mobile Theme Style Manager – You want your mobile theme to look like your website, not someone else’s. Have built-in a style manager so you can easily tweak the look of the theme to match your normal website.
  • iPhone Bookmark Icon Uploader – Apple’s iPhone has a great built-in bookmarking feature that we are happy to be taking advantage of. The iPhone allows you to bookmark sites and save them to your home screen. It then looks for a certain file in your theme to use as the icon (kind of like a browser favicon). Our plugin has a built-in uploader to allow you to have an awesome iPhone icon for your mobile site.
  • Multiple Mobile Platform Support – While we have put a lot of emphasis on iPhone specific development, Such as Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Device, Palm Device, BlackBerry Device ,Windows CE Device, Mobile IE ,Sony Playstation Portable,Sony Playstation 3 , Nintendo Wii , Nintendo DS and more!
  • 3 Starter Themes to Personalize – We wanted to give you several options and starting places for your mobile theme. Maybe you even want to use one of our mobile themes just like they are. We have included 3 themes for you to choose from and customize. And we also plan to add themes to the mobile wordpress plugin in the near future.

PluginBuddy Mobile Plugin Price:

PluginBuddy Mobile Personal (2 sites) — $45.
PluginBuddy Mobile Buiness (10 sites) — $75.
PluginBuddy Mobile Developer (unlimited sites) — $150.

Download PluginBuddy Mobile – WordPress Mobile Plugin here