RealtorPress Real Estate WordPress Theme

RealtorPress is a premium WordPress Real Estate theme from PremiumPress. RealtorPress theme a professional real estate theme for WordPress helping you develop SEO friendly real estate or property directory websites in minutes saving you both time and money.

Designed for ease of use, RealtorPress wordpress theme offers a turn-key solution for starting your own real estate business in as little time as possible and can be enjoyed by users of all skills sets from computer novices to expert website designers..

RealtorPress theme


RealtorPress Real Estate WordPress Theme allows you to easily add property listings via the custom backend admin area or import CSV spreadsheets. It features customisable search options, Google maps integration, real estate data custom field creator, image management tools and more.

The RealtorPress Real Estate WordPress Theme built into every copy of our real estate theme are extra real estate designs and display features. You can use our feature packed admin area to customize your website and turn on and off the section you don’t want.

RealtorPress Theme Features:

  • 9 pre styled design options with a new design added every month
  • Add property via the admin area or import using CSV spreadsheets
  • Option to allow visitors to submit properties – can setup membership packages in the admin area and create your own pricing structure and customized input fields giving higher paying packages more display options
  • Backend admin panel – allowing you to quickly setup and manage your real estate website without the need for any programming or technical skills
  • Easily create your own custom fields for required real estate data (no. of bedrooms, bathrooms etc)
  • Image management and cropping tools
  • Customisable search options
  • Search order options
  • Unlimited categories and pages
  • Drop down menus
  • Advertising management
  • Google maps integration
  • Real Estate image gallery
  • Unlimited Installations, Setup 1 or 1,000 websites!
  • No Encryption! Open source code
  • Lifetime Free Software Support
  • Lifetime Free Software Upgrades

Downloa RealtorPress wordpress theme at premiumpress. And here we have RealtorPress Coupon code for you to RealtorPress Real Estate WordPress Theme download .


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