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JM-Palm-Travel template is a Colourful, bright and gushing freshness Joomla template from Joomla Monster, It is designed in 3 colour template options. The theme perfectly suits to websites of travel theme. The template contains 2 other backgroud colours, you can choose the most appropriate to your region. DJ-Catalog component, DJ-Tab-Generator component modules works, which seems to very useful, displaying the most important information at the top of website.

JM-Palm-Travel joomla template



  • Module Positions – This template contains 12 module positions. See the clear gird of modules location.
  • Module Suffixes – This template contains 2 module designs. See examples of module design variations.
  • Typography – This template provides you some custom styles for several tags.
    To reach an expected result, an appropriate class must be entered to a proper tag as examples shown in the artilce.
  • Template Colors – The template contains 3 color style variations (blue, green, orange). The default color is blue.
    Setting on template configuration.
  • PSD layout – We provide you .psd files of that template to make you easier customize your template.
  • Template manuals – The downloadable package contains manual for this template.
    You can also see other templates’ manulas.
  • Installation Package Here you can find description of purchased package.

Price:  £32

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