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Frugal Theme is a Rock Solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Powerful Theme Options premium wordpress theme. It give you you the Full Control over your websites look, layout and function, and you’re options narrow to a few available options, and you can without need to having php or html knowledge to do all of the control and options.

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Frugal Theme

Thankfully you’ve found yourself at the right site at the right time. Frugal theme meets all of these needs head on and leaves no stone un-turned when providing the user with Full Control and a Powerful Framework to make your WordPress Website and Blogging dreams come true. Frugal Theme Coupon Code meets you can use our Frugal Theme Coupon Code to buy the Frugal Theme for wordpress, save money on Frugal Theme site.

Frugal Theme Features:

  • Full Blown Built-In SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • With frugal you’re giving your WordPress website a boost in SEO with In-Post/In-Page SEO options, along with full control over the layout of your many page titles, NoIndex/NoFollow options, Canonical URLs and much more!
  • Framework Design (Custom Hooks Galore!)
    • frugal is built off a framework design with many different hooks to give the user plenty of room to add custom content and grow as their website’s content requires it.
  • Robust Set Of Layout Options
    • With frugal, when it comes to dimensions, you’re just a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes away from the width of your choosing. All of the many sidebars have width control, as well as the main content column.
    • Also, you’re given all kinds of layout options such as: sidebar right, sidebar left, double sidebar left, double sidebar right, double sidebar (on either side of the content) and no sidebar. And that’s just the main content area…
    • Your CMS Page Templates have their own set of sidebars that give you both layout (left sidebar, right sidebar, double sidebar and no sidebar) and sidebar widths.
    • And don’t forget your Static Homepage. If activated it gives you TONS of layout options to effectively feature your content. More on that further down the list…
  • Full Control Over The Design Of Your Website With NO CODING NECESSARY
  • Full Control Over Fonts (UNLIMITED Font Options!)
  • MUCH More Than Just A Blog (CMS Anyone?!)
  • Powerful Feature Options
  • Simple, Minimalist, Clean Design, Yet As Powerful As You Need It To Be
  • A Powerful Set Of Navigation Tools
  • Solid Logo Options
  • FULL Border Options
  • Just As At Home In The Hands Of A WordPress Website Developer
  • Effective Web Browser Caching And Super Clean Code For Speed And Efficiency
  • One Of The Best Affiliate Programs AroundIn-Depth Documentation (not just a simple ‘readme’ file)
  • ROCK SOLID SUPPORT To Backup Your Investment

Frugal version 3.3 is now available and takes design control to a whole new level. More Features:

  • One Click Skin Creation: Once you’re done designing a Frugal Skin (adjusting the Frugal Options and creating and uploading your custom images for your Skin design) you just type the name of your Skin and click ‘Export Skin’ to create and download your new Skin file and you’re done.
  • One Click Skin Installation: Installing a Skin is even easier.
  • Much refined Import/Export feature
  • Bulk Delete Images: No longer do you have to delete images one at a time. You can now select all and then delete.
  • Increase Your WordPress Memory by flipping a switch.
  • Frugal Snapshots!
  • Full Localization: Frugal now includes an .po and .mo file to make it much easier to translate Frugal into any language.

Frugal Theme Price:

Frugal Theme Personal Option: $87
Frugal Theme Developer Option: $164

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