ShopperPress 2.38 – WordPress Shopping Cart Theme (Update)



Shopper Press is a great WordPress Shop Cart theme,  Can be used to sell almost any type of product and service online by thousands of people worldwide for many purposes; Now it is update to ShopperPress 2.38,  It includes some great new features, lots of bug fixes and improvments.

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– tax for country/sate options
– instant downloads for members/non member feature
– order history feature for clients
– new gateway – plimus gateway
– sidebar options for both left and right bars
– csv file import to include both users and posts
– updated amazon/ebay import options
– 2checkout and other payment gateways.

and lots lots more!

so here goes, here is the change log from 2.18 upto 2.38, enjoy!

ShopperPress Updates
– [updated] integrated paypal pro
– [updated] order page and added search options
– [updated] added guest checkout on/off buttons

– [bug] checkout method shipping missing from total price
– [bug] download link not working for credit system
– [bug] missing sharesale affiliate links

files updated

– tpl-shopperpress_callback.php
– tpl-shopperpress_checkout.php
– functions/func_download.php
– functions/func_aff.php
– scriipts/_ShopperPress.js

ShopperPress Updates

– [updated] missing file for lightbox preview

– /jquery.lightbox-0.5

ShopperPress Updates

– [updated] moved checkout to its own page, now a template
– [updated] css on checkout page

– [updated] french language file charset encoding
– [updated] CJ new website links for CJ affiliate products

File Changed

– /_checkout.php
– /_single.php

ShopperPress Updates

– [updated] css file for better image display
– [updated] checkout permalink state issue

File Changed

– /_checkout.php
– /functions/ajax/shopperpress_ajax.php
– /styles.css

ShopperPress 2.21 Updates

– [updated] Checkout to include 1 selected shipping option
– [updated] Checkout payment prices
– [updated] Amazon results to include comments

– [bug] fixed country tax removal

– /functions/ajax/actions.php
– /functions/func_cart.php
– /_checkout.php
– /functions/amazon_api_class.php

ShopperPress 2.20 Updates

– [updated] CSV file import for MS conflicts and allows user import
– [update] single item image too big

– [added] customlist3 (includes added check/item value)
– [added] remove_action(’wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);
– [added] remove_action(’wp_head’, ‘wlwmanifest_link’);
– [added] remove_action(’wp_head’, ‘rsd_link’);

File Changes Include;

– /functions/_ad_3.php
– /functions/_csv_import.php
– /functions/ajax/updatecart.php
– /functions.php
– /_checkout.php
– /scripts/ddcart.php
– /scripts/_ShopperPress.js
– /single.php
– /footer.php

ShopperPress 2.19 Updates

– [update] tax to include shipping cost

– [bug] register page displaying two username fields

File change includes;

– /functions/custom-options.php
– /_checkout.php

Where can i download the update?

The update files along with all other files for ShopperPress can be found in the VIP client area. These details will be provided for VIP members after purchasing, if you havent recieved your login details please submit a ticket with your order id and ill send them to you

Download the ShopperPress

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