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WP Auctions – WordPress Auctions Plugin Reviews

WP Auctions is the leading auction plugin for WordPress which allows Host auctions on your blog, or sell products with e-commerce, and pay no listing or closing fees.You keep 100% of profits!!  The WP Auctions Plugin comes with a “Buy it Now” feature that can be used to sell items in the traditional direct way to your end user. 5 free color styles with.

Configuration is as simple as setting the start price at 0, or leaving it blank and just filling in the Buy it Now price in the field provided.

WP Auctions Plugin features:

  • Create, Manage and Edit unlimited auctions. ?
  • 3 bidding engines: Simple, Proxy and Reverse.
  • Embed an auction in a Post or Page.
  • Enable auctions for registered users only (registration via default WordPress setup).
  • Set a reserve price for your auctions.
  • Visitors and bidders can watch auctions.
  • Sell on a Buy it Now basis, or as an additional option.
  • Enter Shipping Price, Shipping To and From details.
  • Use PayPal to accept payments or send Bank Details/Address to accept offline payments.
  • WYSIWYG editor for auction descriptions.
  • Customize your auction notification emails.
  • Auction categories, categorize your auctions just like your Posts.
  • Color settings to match your blog or website.
  • Set global minimum bid increments for your auctions (e.g. $10).
  • Set a custom currency to accept payments in.
  • Get notifications via email of bids placed.
  • Re-list closed or unsold auctions.
  • End your auctions on a specific date and time.
  • Show auctions in a “List” format with the sidebar widget.
  • Sidebar widget to show your auctions.
  • Use a custom contact field instead of URL (e.g. Phone No.)
  • Preset auctions to start on a pre-defined date.
  • Show custom message if there are no active auctions.
  • Enter up to three more images per auction.
  • Delete fraudulent bids easily from the custom admin panel

WP Auctions Pro: 97
WP Auctions Pro Plus: $ 279

Demo | Download WP Auctions Plugin , Start build Auction On WordPress!

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